Parents & Friends of Peace

2021 Executive Members

(L-R) Samara Dever, Secretary; Lee Storck, Vice President; Larisa Millyard, President; Manuela Kensley, Treasurer

Mrs Larisa Millyard, P&F President, heads the group of friendly parent volunteers who work together to administer the activities of the P&F and organise fundraising events.

The Committee's Role

The Committee plays a very important role in raising funds for specific projects.

Examples of the significant contributions the P&F has made to our school include:

  • Partly funding the construction of the Peace Centre
  • Funding the supply of stage lighting and audiovisual equipment
  • $35,000 donation toward the instrumental music program
  • $5,500 toward our Coding and Digital Technology Clubs
  • The purchase of sports House Team marquees
  • Playground equipment and shade sails through community grants

Annual events coordinated by the P&F include:

  • Junior School Disco
  • Movie Night
  • Trivia Night
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Stalls
  • The Spring Fair
The Spring Fair

The major fundraising event and the highlight of the school calendar, the Spring Fair is traditionally held early in Term 4, and features live entertainment, amusement rides, stalls, and fireworks, all of which turn the school grounds into a carnival for the day.

While the fundraising aspect of the Fair is important, the P&F Committee believes the Fair is a great "friend-raiser", and a wonderful opportunity for teachers, students, staff, parents, carers and grandparents to work together for the good of the school and its community.


The P&F meets once per month. These meetings are a great way for members of our school community to network with each other and to find out more about the school and the activities of the P&F, with the opportunity to ask questions and to hear first-hand from the Principal and other staff.

Annual AGM

Committee positions open for nomination include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary

In accordance with the Peace Lutheran College Parents & Friends Constitution:

  1. Members can nominate or be nominated for election (parents of the school are considered 'members').
  2. Nominations should be submitted to the Secretary no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday 24th November 2021. If you are unable to attend the meeting you can be nominated by proxy.
  3. Where more than one nomination is received, a vote by secret ballot will be conducted at the meeting.
  4. The election process is to be chaired by the Principal or delegate.
  5. Any vacancy occurring amongst the Committee may be filled by the Committee but any such appointment shall be subject to ratification at the next General Meeting.
  6. P&F Committee members can serve for a maximum term of five years (however, there are exceptions when no other candidate has been nominated and the position remains vacant).
  7. As per the PLC Constitution, the Quorum for AGM is 10, but this was amended to five in previous years as there were limited attendees.

The existing President chairs the meeting until the election. The format of the AGM follows:

  1. Devotion
  2. Welcome
  3. Apologies acknowledged
  4. Confirmation of previous AGM Minutes
  5. Annual President's Report
  6. Annual Principal's Report
  7. Annual Financial Statement from the Treasurer
  8. Election - All Committee members relinquish their positions and nominations/voting take place to appoint a new Committee. This process is chaired by the Principal or the Principal's delegate.
  9. Any amendments to the Constitution are tabled.
  10. Meeting closes.

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