Overall Positions (OP)

Peace Lutheran College had 46 students in the 2016 Year 12 cohort, with 100% of these students achieved a qualification - QCE; VET; or School-based Traineeship. Of the 46 students in the cohort, 25 students were OP eligible.

These results are evidence of the hard work and commitment of these students, as well as the care, attention and dedication of their teachers who have journeyed with them.

OP Ranking Number of Students % of the OP-eligible Cohort
OP 1 2 Students 8% (compared to 2% for the State)
OP 1 - 5 5 Students 20%
OP 1 - 10 10 Students 40%
OP 1 - 15 15 Students 60%

100% achievement by the College's 2016 ATSI graduates

Peace Lutheran College has a reputation of success for graduating Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students. This is achieved through the College's superior pastoral care program; smaller class sizes and Aboriginal and Islander Education Workers (AIEW) on staff to provide support and tutoring if required.

Of the 14 ATSI students in the 2016 graduating year, all students achieved an outcome.

Qualification Number of Students
Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) 14 Students
Queensland ATSI Foundation (QATSIF) 9 Students
Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) 3 Students (100% received an OP score)
I came to Peace as a boarding student in grade 7 and boarded until I graduated in grade 12. I've had a great time and made some great friendships. The teachers provide great help when preparing for exams and assignments and boarding provided a lot of study time which really helped me stay on top of my studies. The College has provided me with a great education which will help me with my further study.