Health & Wellbeing Centre

The school's Health & Wellbeing Centre is open every school day from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm and is staffed by a registered nurse.

Medical procedures and consent

Full details on the school's medical procedures can found in the Health & Wellbeing Centre Information Letter for Parents, as well as the Information Handbook for day students and the Information Handbook for boarding students.

Parents and/or care providers enrolling a student/s at the school will be required to complete either a Medical Consent Form for day student or a Medical Consent Form for boarding student.

General procedures

Accident or illness: If a fever, or obvious illness/injury requiring medical assistance is present, the parent/care provider will be contacted by phone.

Administering medication: As a measure of safety, all medications are to be brought to the Health & Wellbeing Centre and administered by the nurse. As an authorisation for this to happen, an Authorisation to Administer Medication Form is to be completed and submitted. If for some reason this form is unable to be completed, the student’s parent/care provider must provide a signed letter, noting instructions. This can be sent to school with the student or email directly to the nurse via

Requirement for regular prescription medication: Medication is to be supplied in its original packaging, accompanied an Authorisation to Administer Medication form.

Specific conditions

Students with specific medical conditions such as asthma, food allergies or diabetes will be monitored by the Health & Wellbeing Centre staff who are available to assist these students. Other staff members are also made aware of such conditions and are educated in the special needs of students with these types of medical conditions.

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are those that can be carried from one person to another through close contact of a bodily fluid or near distance nature. Examples of these types of illness and exclusion periods are contained within the Department of Health Time Out guidelines. Should your child suffer from, or be in contact with any of these diseases, the school will consider it the parent/care provider's obligation to inform the school as soon as possible.

Head Lice - If Head Lice are detected in your child's year level a Head Lice Alert and Information Fact Sheet will be emailed to your family, outlining the responsibilities and actions to be taken at home to help break the cycle.

Boarding students

Boarding students are not permitted to keep medication in their rooms without the specific permission of their house parent, this includes patient preparations such as Panadol and cough medicines. However, students with asthma may carry their inhalers.

Boarding students who require medical assistance during the day can attend the Health & Wellbeing Centre with permission from their house parent or teacher. A doctor also visits the school twice per week for a clinic with our Boarding students.

Would you like to contact the Health & Wellbeing Centre?

The school nurse can be contacted by phoning +61 7 4039 9000 (ext. 525), or via email

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