The school canteen is managed by Alliance Catering and is open 5-days per week during school Terms, providing nutritional meals for students in both first and second lunch breaks.


Menus are updated at the beginning of each school Term. You are welcome to view the current menu here.


Placing personal orders at the Canteen 

Junior School students: Orders are to be written on a paper lunch bag (not plastic), with money included, and placed in the class tuckshop box at the beginning of the day. Alternately, parents who wish to pay using EFTPOS may place their child’s order at the canteen, or order through the Online Ordering system.

Middle and Senior School students: Orders are to be placed with the canteen before school starts (prior to 8:30 am) and collected at lunch break, individually, by the student ordering. Cash and EFTPOS payments are both available.

Online Ordering

Orders can be placed through Flexi-Schools. Find out more about online ordering through Flexi-Schools.

To register for online ordering, follow the Flexi-Schools link