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Draft Master Plan for Peace Lutheran College

Draft Master Plan

In 2013 the Buildings & Facilities Committee was established to develop our campus Master Plan. To date we have prepared a draft master plan for the next 4 years which can be seen by clicking above link.

The following projects are proposed for development:

  • 2016-17 Stage 13B - Oval resurfacing;
  • 2016-17 Stage 14 - Peace Performing Arts Centre (Music, Drama and Dance classrooms facility);
  • Proposed 2018 Stage 15A - Hospitality Upgrade and Manual Arts facility;
  • Proposed 2018 Stage 15B - Bus Garage;
  • Proposed 2019 Stage 16A - Boarding house kitchen and dining room upgrade;
  • Proposed 2019 Stage 16B - Prep Upgrade and Junior School Multipurpose room;
  • Proposed 2020 Stage 17 - MPC Upgrade, HPE classroom, storage, gym and offices.
  • Proposed 2021 Stage 18 - Learning Centre Upgrade.

Note the above projects are assessed annually and dependent on finances.

We would appreciate any input you have and this can be forwarded to the Business Manager

Please click on this link for an architects impression of our next project, the Peace Performing Arts Centre:


Stage 15A Hospitality & Manual Arts: This building project will commence in 2018, comprising the construction of a contemporary Manual Arts Complex and transformation of the current Home Economics area into a purpose built Hospitality facility.

Please click here to view the plans for the PLC Manual Arts facility.

Please click here to view the plans for the PLC Hospitality facility.