Year 7 Information Evening

Join us on Tuesday the 28th of February 2023 and take a step into Secondary school at Peace Lutheran College.

We know families often go through a detailed process when deciding on schooling for their child starting Year 7, and we understand the importance for families to be able to have their questions answered, and make an informed choice for their child's high school education.

We invite you to our Year 7 Information Evening experience where you can join in on subject tours, venture into open classrooms, find out more about the curriculum and meet teachers and staff.

Why should you attend?
  • Choosing a partnership for your family
    Our Principal, Shane Jurecky will introduce you to Peace Lutheran College, our school's history and its culture, highlighting our core values. This information will provide you with information to help you identify shared ideals and how we might support the hopes that you have for your child's high school education.
  • What is special about Year 7 at Peace?
    Our Secondary school teachers and staff will provide specific information on teaching and learning at this year's level to help you discover the quality of education families have come to expect from our school. Our stimulating, practical academics program is tailored to make learning experiences relevant, challenging and interesting, designed for optimum engagement.
  • Learning beyond the classroom
    Learn about our many extra-curricular activities and experiences that build on classroom learning. From camps, excursions, cultural experiences, clubs and community service opportunities, discover how we strive to develop the whole person, taking into account your child's academic, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Transitioning from childhood to young adulthood
    How this age group learns and manages emotional, social and moral challenges is a key focus at Peace. Discover why building character, establishing trust and creating resilience are vital traits we encourage and nurture as we support our students through challenges and teach them how to make responsible choices.
  • Your child's well-being is our priority
    Learn why pastoral care is a big point of difference at Peace. With our Wellbeing Hub, on-site Health Centre and experienced pastoral care team, the College is well-equipped to care for and support our students.
  • Meet our team
    Be introduced to our key staff. They are a team of qualified, experienced and passionate individuals who strive every day to work in cooperation with our students to encourage, guide, direct and support them through some of the most challenging and important years in their education journey.
The way students learn has changed
“From personal experience, I have seen how the College plans for its future. It is committed to the development of every student and puts a lot of hard work into constantly improving teaching and pastoral care practices. This care and attention is why we send our sons to Peace.”
Tim Parent of Senior Students
Peace Lutheran College's Year 7 education model is a progressive approach to learning; adopting modern-day education transformations.
  • Connecting classroom learning to real life, better prepares students for their future after school.
  • Flexible, stimulating learning spaces engage students to ask questions, think critically and problem solve.
  • Flexible learning environments with some classrooms incorporating stand-up tables, whiteboard tabletops and interactive resources.
“We are so pleased with our daughter's transition. For the first time, she is actually enjoying Science! She loves to tell us about her classroom activities and lunchtime adventures. We are really happy with how well she has started her first year of high school - it's given us huge peace of mind.”
Parent Year 7 Student
Student learning at Peace is designed for optimum engagement
  • Stimulating, practical academic program tailored to make learning experiences relevant, challenging and interesting.
  • Structure and boundaries provide a safe environment.
  • Numeracy and literacy work is designed specifically with their abilities in mind.
  • The school provides smaller learning communities for individual attention.
Why do parents choose Peace Lutheran College?
  • Reputation for being at the forefront of innovative education
  • An inclusive, caring culture where every student is known by their name
  • Teachers and staff are friendly and approachable
  • Comprehensive extra-curricular offering, including sports and The Arts
  • All-inclusive school fees for peace of mind - NO extra levies or excursion and extra-curricular costs

Discover why families value the Peace difference

Join us at our Year 7 Information Evening and discover how your child can be better prepared for secondary school and beyond.

  • When: Tuesday, 28th February 2023
  • Arrival and registration: From 5:30 pm with refreshments available
  • The Information Evening experience commences at 6:00 pm

2024 Year 7 Scholarships

Scholarship Applications are now open for students entering Year 7 in 2024. Applications close on Friday the 23rd of June 2023. We invite you to consider this opportunity should it be of interest to you, or someone you know.

We invite you to experience the Peace difference for yourself.

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