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Middle School

A Message from Head of Middle School - Mr Chad Elliott

Middle School at Peace Lutheran College comprises of years 6 to 9. These are important years that serve as a transition between childhood and young adulthood. We understand this adolescent group has needs that are distinct from other age groups. Beyond the physical growth seen, this age group also experiences rapid changes in brain functioning and cognitive development. Consequently, how an adolescent learns and their ability to manage emotional, social and moral challenges is a key focus of Middle School at Peace.

Student Learning

Middle School teachers at Peace know that engaging students with their learning during these years is vital. Middle School is concerned with promoting flexible learners, creative problem solvers and confident decision makers.

  • Teachers tailor learning experiences to be relevant, challenging and of interest to students.
  • Year 7 and 8 students are provided with iPads. This is effective for engaging students with their learning and promotes technological proficiency demanded by 21st century workplaces.
  • Teachers ensure structure and boundaries for consistency, and relevant and challenging curriculum for engagement.
  • Teachers collaborate to ensure students are placed in appropriate groupings for cooperative learning activities. PLC is two-stream and provides smaller learning communities that offer students individual attention within a safe learning environment.
  • Productive, meaningful learning relationships are achieved by involving parents and the community in learning experiences.
  • Students are prepared with the necessary organisational skills to succeed in senior schooling where independent learning and higher order thinking are essential.
  • It is these features of Middle School at Peace that provide a platform for successful learning outcomes.
  • They have the maximum opportunity to achieve all outcomes.
  • The opportunity to develop friendships with many peers.
  • The Numeracy and Literacy work designed specifically with their abilities in mind to maximise their learning and development.
  • An increase in self-esteem and confidence both academically and socially.
  • An interesting, stimulating and practical academics program teaching them about the world they live in.
  • There is a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

Building Character

PLC has high expectations of how our Middle School students approach their learning. Our approach fosters a willingness and commitment to learning. This is because we provide all students with an opportunity to succeed and feel a sense of accomplishment at what they have achieved. Our expectations are built on Christian values that includes respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, honesty and courage. Firm boundaries are formed and offer students an opportunity for responsibility. Middle School at Peace asks students to dream big and to take risks in their learning, thereby, building confidence in a supportive environment without the risk of ridicule.

Challenges for Middle Years Students

The Christian mission of Peace compels us to support students as they contend with developing a moral framework. Our aim is for them to face moral challenges in a constructive way to ensure they learn how to make responsible choices on their journey to becoming young adults. It is important to us that Peace is a safe and supportive environment. We strive to foster productive, respectful teacher-student relationships so that students learn how to engage with their social environment. When these relationships break down, Peace uses a Restorative Practices approach to resolve conflict. Our healthy College culture assists young people within this age group where social vulnerabilities are common.

Pastoral Care & Resilience

Our Pastoral Care program looks to build life skills and equip students for challenges they may encounter. Focus areas include having high expectations of self and others, respectful relationships with caring adults, moral values that enable young people to discern right from wrong, social boundaries and opportunities for social service. These build resilience when they face life's challenges.

Mr Chad Elliott
Head of Middle School

It's a great place to be!

Middle School at Peace Lutheran College are important years that serve as a transition between childhood and young adulthood. The College is committed to preparing students to be economically relevant and technologically proficient for when they graduate from school.

At Peace, we prepare students for 21st century learning within a framework that prepares students for senior schooling.

See attached for all documents required for Middle School.


Sports Program

Every year level in the Middle School at Peace has two designated periods per week for Sport activities.

Year 6 and 7 students participate together in a program catered for their age groups and abilities with a variety of mixed gender team sports including Oz Tag, AFL, Newcomb, Softball, Cricket and Futsal. Interschool competition takes place on specific days with nearby schools, as well as on designated Gala Days with schools in the Barron River District. Individual activities such as...

A calendar listing due dates for all assignments will be issued to students as early as possible each semester. Teachers, students and parents are advised to check carefully the total workload for the student is not excessive. All information relevant to the execution of the assignment should be given as early as possible eg:

  • a clear and specific statement of objectives
  • a clear and specific statement of procedures
  • a clear definition of parameters such as length, time, structure, method of presentation
  • ...