2019 Student Leadership Team

College Captains

Ziian Carey and Clinton Noipo

College Vice Captains

Terina Hagger and Rowan Culliton

Middle School Captains

Coco Dare and Caleb Maas

Middle School Vice Captains

Charlotte Shaji and Caleb Simkins

Sports House Captains

Gold Dingoes

Jen Wosomo and Jimmy Carlsson

Blue Dolphins

Stephanie Martinez and Ethan Culliton

Green Eagles

Jada Wilson and Walter Hudson-Sambo

Red Emperors

Terina Hagger and Philip Nona

Junior School House Captains & Student Representative Council

Gold Dingoes

Ruben Eyre, Brea Wright, and Athena Cecchi (SRC Rep)

Blue Dolphins

Mitchell Borzi, Kyla Bawden, and Fern MacPherson (SRC Rep)

Green Eagles

Derrick Yolto, Sophie Potter, and Ava O'Grady (SRC Rep)

Red Emperors

Daniel Yanez Marichal, Isabella Miezis, and Rose Carroll (SRC Rep)

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