Pastoral Care in the Secondary Years

We understand students in the secondary years have needs which are distinct from year level to year level and, therefore, our pastoral care program continues in a way that is tailored to suit the individual year levels from 7 through to 12.

Our secondary students are offered support and well-informed direction, equipping them with the confidence to embark on their adult lives and careers.

"To be at the forefront of innovative education; empowering tomorrow's leaders today."
What we believe

We believe our students are more than learners, they are young people who are discovering who they are and where they fit into the world.

We believe in the principles of mutual respect, personal responsibility, acceptance of difference, consideration, forgiveness and reconciliation. Building on our values of Peace, Excellence, Respect and Community, our graduates become informed, active, resilient and compassionate citizens.

What we do

We value our students' individual character and learning strengths. We help them understand what their strengths are and then show them how they use these to thrive and flourish.

Our Pastoral Care Program looks to build life skills and equip our students for challenges they may encounter during their Secondary years and beyond.

Focus areas include:

  • Having high expectations of self and others
  • Supporting students to make responsible decisions
  • Learning how to set goals
  • Careers guidance and support
  • Opportunities to connect learning about the world with service to the broader community

Our Pastoral Care Program builds resilience for when these young people face life's challenges.

We invite you to experience the Peace difference for yourself.

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