Vacation Care

Our Service is based on supporting spontaneous play and leisure encounters, initiated by the children. The OSHC program uses these experiences to provide a 'home away from home', where children feel safe and supported.

Our vacation care programs are run by qualified children's services staff and incorporate experiences that cater to physical activity and creativity. We explore our outdoor environment through walks, excursions, camping experiences, and nature investigations.

The vacation Care service is CCS approved and operates 49 weeks a year.

  • Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday during school holiday term breaks
  • Cost: Permanent booking - $64 per day; Casual booking - $74 per day (before CCS)

Vacation care programs and information, including the booking form for upcoming school holiday periods, are available via the Peace Parent Portal, under Daily Notices, Vacation Care Booking Information.

For more information regarding Vacation Care services, and to book contact:

Sean Mullins
Service Leader

P: 4039 9026
M: 0439 563 035

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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