Pastoral Care

It has been said that the pastoral care and support offered to our students is unmatched.

We pride ourselves on the genuine care and nurture of every child in our care; we are concerned for each individual; providing a safe place for them to learn and grow. Our Pastoral Care Program looks to build life skills and equip students for challenges they may encounter.

Building character, establishing trust, creating resilience

Peace has high expectations of its students’ attitude to their education. Our approach fosters a willingness to learn and opportunities to succeed.

Our Christian mission compels us to support students as they contend with developing a moral framework. Our aim is for them to face moral challenges in a constructive way to ensure they learn how to make responsible choices on their journey to becoming young adults.

  • The principles of mutual respect, personal responsibility, acceptance of difference, consideration, forgiveness and reconciliation are practised.
  • Students are encouraged to dream big and take risks in their learning.
  • Supporting students through moral challenges, teaching them how to make responsible choices.
  • Fostering productive, respectful teacher-student relationships so students learn how to engage with their social environment.
  • Using a restorative practices approach to resolve conflict.
  • Our healthy school culture assists students through social vulnerabilities.

Focus areas include:

  • Having high expectations of self and others.
  • Respectful relationships with caring adults.
  • Moral values that enable our young people to discern right from wrong.
  • Social boundaries and opportunities for social service.

These traits build resilience when our young people face life's challenges.

“From personal experience, I've seen how the College plans for its future. It is committed to the development of every student and puts a lot of hard work into constantly improving teaching and pastoral care practices. This care and attention are why my wife and I send our sons to the College.”
Tim Parent of Secondary School Students

Our dedicated teaching and pastoral care team will be on your child's learning journey with them, providing them with a complete education.

Our pastoral care staff and teaching team work closely together to ensure our students are settled and can concentrate on their studies.

Pastoral Care Team

Our College Pastor is actively involved in the school's pastoral care program and student welfare services.

Students regularly attend chapel which is led by the Pastor, however, students are also encouraged to be involved.

The College Pastor also serves the boarding community at Peace through church services, bible studies and devotions.

Our Student Wellbeing Coordinator provides support, assessment, and advice to all students from Prep through to Year 12 about student wellbeing. They work alongside other support staff to provide pastoral care and support for our students and their parents/care providers.

When necessary, upon ascertaining the level of support required for a student, they will connect students and their parents/care providers to external agencies and providers who can offer expert advice to assist students as they overcome emotional and personal struggles.

Our leadership and teaching team carefully monitor each student's progress, addressing individual needs. Our teachers are caring and dedicated to their students, providing them with the advice, direction and support they need along their learning journey.

Supporting our teachers in the pastoral care of our students are our House Coordinators and Boarding House Parents for our boarding students.

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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