I am infinitely grateful to my parents for enrolling me at the College to start school in 2005. In my time, I have made many lifelong friends and been presented with so many opportunities. Peace has continually been the largest part of my life. Thank you Peace for everything.
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Educating Boys
Are boys falling behind academically? There is suggestion in education circles this could be the case. It seems pushing young boys to learn may result in decreased performance and increased behavioural issues.
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The Must-Have Life Skill For Your Child
"Emotional Intelligence"... is it a quirky catchphrase or vital life skill? It is the latter and is a vital skill every child should be learning at school in order to enjoy success in all areas of their life.
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Ethan's Gifts Recognised
Year 5, Peace Lutheran College student, Ethan Lee has been accepted into the University of New South Wales National Gifted Education Program.
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