Our child came to Peace Lutheran College at the beginning of 2017. Her previous school engaged in the standard educational model consisting of chairs/desk and teacher up the front of the class. Although her grades were pleasing, as parents we were concerned that problem solving and application of knowledge within actual life scenarios was not being fostered and taught within this educational model. After one semester of being exposed to the Agile learning model at Peace, we have observed our child’s incredibly fast learning curve in many academic areas, that otherwise did not engage her interest previously.
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Playground Pursuits Good for the Brain
A self-pumping river stream; climbing wall; suspension bridge; playground climbers; slides and platforms are the latest in exciting and challenging components of Peace Lutheran College's Prep playground, specifically designed for engaging and enhancing gross motor skills and physical activity.
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Classrooms of the future, here today.
Staying true to its progressive approach to its teaching practices, Peace Lutheran College’s ingenuity has seen the College redesign several classrooms, outside the typical learning environment, to enhance student learning through better engagement, and align with their ‘innovative education’ position.
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Hospitality Centre
This building project will see the current Home Economics area transformed into a purpose-built Hospitality facility with commercial kitchen and café. The Hospitality Centre building plan has been developed and works are set to commence in 2018, ready for use in 2019.
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