Founded in 1994, Peace Lutheran College is part of the larger system of Lutheran schools in Queensland - Lutheran Education Queensland. As well as serving Lutherans in North Queensland, Torres Strait Islands, Papua New Guinea and further afield, Peace is a school with a mission to serve families by providing a quality Christian education for all.

Our Story

The Queensland Education Department assumed responsibility for the primary school in the Aboriginal community at Hope Vale in 1972, mainly due to the inability of the Lutheran Church to supply teachers. From this move, the possibility of a Lutheran school in North Queensland was discussed informally in many circles.

It was at a Far North Queensland Lutheran Mission Committee meeting, held in conjunction with the Hope Vale Mission Board in 1988, that this suggestion first received serious consideration.

At the 1988 Annual General Meeting of the Trinity Lutheran Congregation, a Lutheran School Investigation Committee was elected. These members were Greg Wharton, Frank Jacobsen, Julene Lander and David Spanagel. The official process had begun. Ken Albinger from the Queensland Lutheran Schools department outlined the process to be followed.

1. Land purchase

Aub Muller (a representative from the Lutheran Church) and David Spanagel (Investigation Committee) searched for suitable sites. Areas considered were Mooroobool, Clifton Beach, Edmonton and Kamerunga. The preferred site was Kamerunga.

The land was purchased from Lusalda Pty Ltd at a cost of $500,000 ($20,000 per acre) and settlement was requested by 28th February 1991. This seemed achievable, however, there was a six-month delay arising out of an objection relating to the adverse effect the flow of floodwaters might have across this area as a result of any development.

Other setbacks included advice from the Queensland Department of Transport requiring a portion of the school's prime land for the construction of a roundabout to cater for the intersection of Kamerunga Road and Harley Street.

By October 1991, eight months past the agreed settlement date, settlement for the land on which Peace Lutheran College now stands, occurred at 4.44 pm on 4th October 1991.

In the Cairns Post on 6th August 1993, an article appeared stating that a multicultural school, funded by the Lutheran Church, Hope Vale and Wujul Wujal Aboriginal communities would aim to reach out to students in PNG and SE Asia, attempting to address the issue of racial tension and incorporate multiculturalism in a positive manner.

What a task, and yet one that we started, boldly trusting God always.

2. The first office

The headquarters of the Far North Queensland Lutheran Mission at 30 Upward Street, Cairns, also became the first office of Peace Lutheran College. It was from this hub that founding parents made their first contact with the school. The first 50 enrolment enquiries were made from this office.

3. Appointment of the founding principal

College Council took the decision to employ a principal, six months prior to the opening date, allowing sufficient opportunity for involvement in the first stage of the building and development of the necessary policies, acceptance of enrolments and interviews and the regular planning for new school development.

The position was advertised in The Lutheran (the official monthly magazine of the Lutheran Church), The Australian and The Courier Mail. From seven applicants, the credentials and subsequent interviews resulted in Mr Michael Gladigau being appointed, unanimously, as the founding principal. In July 1993 he started his mammoth task.

4. The doors opened

Peace Lutheran College opened its doors on 1st February 1994 amid red mud and tropical rain, but with infectious enthusiasm, a clear sense of direction and rows to hoe.

The official opening occurred on Sunday, 12th June 1994. Sir William Knox, Chairman of the Association of Independent Schools Queensland performed the official opening ceremony with a crowd of approximately 250 in attendance. Pastor John Vitale, President of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District performed the official ceremony, dedicating the school to the glory of God.

Peace Lutheran College today is a testimony to a task that has had many hands to the wheel, developing every aspect of the school into its current niche in the Cairns community. The school provides the Cairns community with a further choice of quality education for children.

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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