Living in Boarding

Peace Lutheran College offers co-educational boarding facilities across four boarding houses - two houses for boys and two houses for girls.

The houses are organised so that our Year 7 to 9 students are in the junior boarding houses and our Year 10 to 12 students are in the senior boarding houses.

We have boarding places for a total of 86 students - 44 girls and 42 boys.

Boarding Options

A full-time boarder resides at the College on a permanent basis during term time, returning home for the school holiday period at the end of each term.

A weekly boarder is a student who would generally reside at the College throughout the week during term time and return home for the weekend as well as the school holiday period at the end of each term.

A temporary boarder is a student who may stay in the boarding house for a short-to-extended period of time during term time. For example, this may be for one night, three nights, two weeks, or a full term.

An all-day boarder is a student who attends the school from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The student has all meals provided for them during the day and is also able to stay after school finishes to participate in recreational and study sessions with the boarding students.

Boarding Houses

We have chosen the names of our boarding houses based on the translation of 'PEACE' from various languages that reflect our history and traditions.

Frieden House is one of our boys' boarding houses. It houses our junior boys from Years 7 to 9 and accommodates 22 students.

Mari Mari House is one of our boys' boarding houses. It houses our senior boys from Years 10 to 12 and accommodates 20 students.

Milyn House is one of our girls' boarding houses. It houses our junior girls from Years 7 to 9 and accommodates 22 students.

Heiwa House is one of our girls' boarding houses. It houses our senior girls from Years 10 to 12 and accommodates 22 students.

Boarding Facilities

The boarders' dining hall is situated class to all of the boarding houses and is the place our boarders enjoy all of their meals, including their morning tea and lunch during the school day.

The boarders' recreation centre is a space where our boarders can gather and socialise. The room is fully airconditioned and contains a pool table, air hockey table and table tennis table. The students also have access to PlayStation, Xbox and Wii gaming consoles.

The highlight of the room is the large projector screen that is used to watch movies or any number of sporting fixtures that are televised each week.

The recreation centre is a great space that is open every afternoon after school and on weekends to ensure our boarders have a place to freely socialise.

The boarder's dining menu is managed by the College's catering team, headed by Catering Manager and Chef, Luukas Trautner and supported by our catering team. Luukas is highly regarded within his industry, having been a successful restaurant owner, as well as working in some of the most esteemed kitchens of Europe’s finest establishments, including Michelin star restaurants where he learned from the best of the best in the field.

The food choices included on the boarder's dining menu are made from locally sourced produce and designed to provide students with the energy their developing minds and bodies need.

Dining is generally alfresco style, meaning the students may enter the dining hall at any time, select their meals from the server and sit where they choose.

Dinner usually consists of two protein options, a vegetarian option and a choice of several different types of vegetables and salads. Fresh fruit is always available within the dining hall, canteen and boarding houses and is replenished regularly.

The boarders kitchen is an out of hours facility that students can use for cooking their own creations or for use in conjunction with an event the students might be watching on the big screen.

As part of the kitchen offering, there are barbeques that are available to complement the normal dinner or lunch routine.

We invite you to experience the Peace difference for yourself.

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