Why parents choose Peace Lutheran College

"Since our son changed schools to Peace we have seen a significant change in his attitude towards school, his self-image, confidence and general wellbeing. We no longer experience emotional meltdowns or refusing to go to school. We cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made to our home life and in particular, our son. He is a different child. Thank you for listening to our suggestions and hearing us. He is just thriving in this new environment. There is a lot to be said for having children who are engaged and teachers that genuinely care."
— Parent of Year 2 Student

Fee relief

In light of events that challenged many families in 2020, the College has made adjustments to its tuition fees for 2021, including:

  • A reduction in tuition fees for Year 6 and Year 7 students
  • A freeze on 2021 tuition fees for all other year levels

Book a personal tour and see first-hand why families choose Peace. 

Why Peace Lutheran College?

  • Solid foundations for future success through respecting individual learning, embracing and encouraging every child's unique skill set, developing the whole person.
  • Fostering a culture of inclusiveness by embracing the diversity of our multicultural fabric, offering an environment where every student feels valued, where every student belongs.
  • Empowering tomorrow's leaders today through the introduction of dynamic learning environments, specifically designed to accommodate individual learning styles, integrate digital technologies and promote collaborative learning, all of which ready our students for life after school.

Limited places available for 2021. Applications now open for 2022.

"Our son’s confidence has improved 1000% since changing to Peace Lutheran College. He enjoys going to school, has been supported in his achievements and has developed where he needs, he comes home happy and proud of himself, and has made many new friends. We couldn’t be happier with the way the school has welcomed him and continues to make him feel part of their friendly and respectful culture."
— Parent of Junior School Student

Interested in enrolling into Prep?

We are now taking Prep applications for the new school year. With a maximum of only 50 places, we encourage you to apply now to avoid disappointment. Limited places are available in the current school year.

Interested in enrolling into Junior School (Prep - Year 5)?

We are currently accepting applications for Junior School placements, however, with limited places available in some year levels, we encourage you to apply now.

Interested in enrolling into Middle School or Senior School (Years 6 - 12)?

We are currently accepting applications for Middle and Senior School placements, however we do have wait lists in some year levels, with only limited places available in others. Contact our Enrolments Team via enrolments@plc.qld.edu.au to discuss your enrolment requirements.

Come and see first-hand why families think Peace is a great place to be!

Every family has different needs, apprehensions, questions and their own expectations. On a personal tour we can discuss these in detail for your family.

We invite you to book a tour and experience all that Peace has to offer.


From someone who has completed the journey

"I am infinitely grateful to my parents for enrolling me at Peace Lutheran College to start school in 2005. Peace has continually been the largest part of my life."

"I have watched Peace change immensely over the 13 years I was a student, yet somehow, in its essence, it has remained the same extraordinary place. I made lifelong friends and was presented with so many

opportunities. Graduating felt surreal, letting go of not only classmates and beloved teachers, but also the atmosphere of Peace itself. The tight-knit, friendly environment was essential for success in my studies and something that was so difficult to say goodbye to."

"Thank you Peace for everything."

- Sofia Persson, Graduating Student 2017