Middle School

“Beyond the physical growth seen, students in this adolescent group experience rapid changes in brain functioning and cognitive development. Consequently, how they learn and their ability to manage emotional, social and moral challenges is a key focus of Middle School at Peace.”
Mrs Kirsten Anderson Head of Middle School

Our teachers understand engaging students with their learning during these years is critical. We focus on promoting flexible learners, creative problem solvers and confident decision-makers.

Learning is designed for optimum engagement
  • Tailored to be relevant, challenging and interesting
  • Increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Flexible learning approach to maximise engagement
  • Indoor and outdoor learning spaces
  • Smaller learning communities provide individual attention
  • Structure and boundaries for consistency
“As parents, we are so relieved our daughter has transitioned into middle school so easily. Thank you for the support you have provided to us as a new family. Our daughter has told us all the people are really friendly; the classes are really great and she has learnt a lot.”
Parent of Middle School Student

Year level focus

Transitioning from Junior School. The development of personal and social capabilities and important organisational skills.

Navigating the next stage of higher learning; exploring digital and campus citizenship.

Collaborative learning; adopting roles in a team environment, working with others, learning effective and appropriate communication.

Critical thinking; solving problems, posting deep questions, reasoning, proposing alternative viewpoints and justifying responses.

Our school values peace, excellence, respect and community; through encouraging grace and harmony, setting high expectations, valuing all and building positive relationships.
We invite you to visit and see first-hand how our values make our school great.

We invite you to experience the Peace difference for yourself.

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