Flexible Learning Spaces

“The Flexible Learning Centres at Peace have excited us as a family, but more importantly, the independent and flexible choices available to our son are having a positive impact on his confidence, curiosity and social skills.”
Toni Parent of Year 5 student

Our school's education model is a progressive approach to learning, adopting modern-day education transformations.

Our 'effective and innovative education' position has seen our school embrace this progressive approach to its teaching practices. The reshaping of facilities and the introduction of contemporary learning spaces has been a successful addition to many of our classrooms.

This environment represents an energetic, flexible and stimulating learning space, assisting teachers to promote collaboration and enquiry, engaging students to ask questions, think critically and problem solve.

What is the aim of flexible learning?

To connect classroom learning to real-life, better preparing our students for their future after school.

What is different about flexible learning?

  • The classrooms – flexible, open spaces allowing our students to work in different areas, stand at tables, sit in booths, or on the floor, whichever suits their learning style.
  • The delivery – our staff can team-teach. This makes our students' learning more enjoyable and allows our teachers to target student needs more effectively, guiding them as they discover through directed learning.
  • The learning environment – offers our students the ability to group themselves to suit their learning needs.
  • Resources - integrated digital technologies, iPads, laptops, and whiteboard table tops for recording learning ideas.

What stays the same?

  • The curriculum… the teaching requirements do not change – it is HOW our students learn that has changed.

What is the BIG difference?

The learning! Supported by the latest technology and modern teaching practices, we have seen an increase in our student's engagement and motivation, which has a major influence on their learning outcomes.

“I love the learning space, it is really comfortable and I definitely feel like I learn better because of this. It's so much better than having to sit in a chair all day.”
Emily Year 7 student

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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