Learning Management System

We strive to be at the forefront of effective and innovative education, not just in the classroom, but in all of our operations, and as a result of this commitment, we are able to confidently support our students and their families with quality systems and technology, when they need it the most.

Through our Learning Management System, we have developed a comprehensive offsite learning program underpinned by proven systems for managing student learning in a way that provides continuity for when they cannot physically be inside the classroom.

This investment saw Peace Lutheran College lead the way in schools' preparedness when faced with the inevitable closure of the school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The welfare and learning of our students are of paramount importance and were a major focus in the development of our offsite learning model, through our Learning Management System.

“The school has been exemplary! The Parent Portal and Student Cafe have kept us informed and made communicating with staff so easy.”
College Parent
The Peace Parent Portal for Parents and Care Providers

The Parent Portal provides you with a detailed overview of your child's homework and activities set by teachers, as well as due dates and if tasks have been completed and on time. Information on tasks and any relevant notes distributed by your child's teacher will be posted on the Portal.

Student Cafe for Students

The Student Cafe is the central reference point for all learning activities that students are expected to undertake. This is used by teachers to communicate directly with their students. All notices, lessons, learning materials, tasks and activities, general information, and private links to access Zoom lessons are available for students to access remotely via the Student Cafe.

We invite you to experience the PLC difference for yourself.

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