A Friendship That Knows No Bounds

05 June 2020

Our students look forward to their visits to Caravonica Waters to entertain the residents and spend time chatting over morning tea, just as much as the residents love watching these talented young musicians perform.

The restrictions as a result of COVID-19 have meant these visits have had to stop. The students and the residents are truly missing each other.

This prompted two our our school parents, Caroline and Sophie, to coordinate a care package drive. Asking for donations of fun and engaging items that could be collected into a care package and delivered to our friends at Caravonica Waters so they know that we miss them and we are thinking of them.

Board games, puzzles, craft, art, stories and letters written by the students are all about to make their way over to the residents.

This is such a wonderful community project and we thank our school parents, Caroline and Sophie for initiating and coordinating the project, and thank you also to those in who school community - families and students - who made the care package possible with your kind donations. Please know that you have definitely contributed to the smiles and hearts full of love for the Caravonia Waters residents.