Junior School

The Four C's for Prep Success
Were they happy? Did they make friends? did they understand what they were learning? Sound familiar? No matter their age as parents we are quietly anxious for our children when they start of return to school. A school that embraces these moments to ensure your child will not only survive but thrive through challenges, will be the driving force that develops a strong connection between the student, your family and their school and teachers.
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Students Thrive Through Their Love of Learning
Sit, listen, learn, repeat? Not at Peace Lutheran College! Students at Peace actively engage in Project-Based Learning, collaborating and problem solving to harvest real-world knowledge and skills.
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Playground Pursuits Good for the Brain
A self-pumping river stream; climbing wall; suspension bridge; playground climbers; slides and platforms are the latest in exciting and challenging components of Peace Lutheran College's Prep playground, specifically designed for engaging and enhancing gross motor skills and physical activity.
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